The “articles” in this section are all chapters from my book SOMEWHERE BETWEEN HERE AND PERFECT, further findings of a fallible free spirit, published in 2016 and available from in trade or e-book format.  (Also to be found on is my novel, NO VICTOR IN DISGUISE, published in 2005.)Chapter 1First RingIn the movie The Last … Read more

Room for More (chapter 4)

by Lesta Bertoia I am inside my heart. The softly glowing, warm red walls of a curving corridor are pulsing gently on either side of me. I am standing barefooted on a resilient floor, beside a feature in the inner wall, a slit through which shines a hint of light. My hand, raised to feel … Read more

The Word

by Lesta Bertoia There was a powerful urgency, at certain times in history, as well as a powerful resistance, to the spreading of the Word. Because the Word had lost something in the translation, not only for the converts but, unbeknownst to them, for the missionaries as well, a conflict of interests arose. Apparently the … Read more

Even Zebras Get the Blues

by Lesta Bertoia My friend Fran, an open-hearted, quick-witted, self-proclaimed but lovable neurotic, is an artist, like myself. She met her husband Guy in high school some forty-plus years ago and now has three grown daughters. Last fall, Guy, who was also her best friend, was killed while riding his motorcycle in a head-on collision … Read more

The Artist on Loan

by Lesta Bertoia My favorite way to paint is to start by preparing a canvas with a variety of colors thrown into the gesso in order to form random combinations of hues and shapes. As I smooth the pigments into the gesso with a fan brush, or dab and dart a rag at the canvas, … Read more