Artist’s Statement

Welcome to my rather old-fashioned website! Please feel free not only to browse the artwork in the gallery, which I keep updated regularly (despite my ineptitude in areas of technology) but also to drag any image that appeals to you over to your desktop so you can do with it what you’d like — print it out, copy it to an email, or whatever. Not only do I not have a problem with that, I encourage it! Let us be open with whatever feels right, let us acknowledge that ownership of creativity is illusory, and let us share whatever beauty we can.

You can also view several slideshows of my acrylic paintings, accompanied by music, on Youtube, simply by typing my name into the search box.
The article section of this website contains a few sample chapters from one of my books. I have authored three books that are available on and at

Somewhere between Here and Perfect — a mini memoir of various experiences with spirit and conversations with life
No Victor in Disguise — a novel about reincarnation
Why Not — a metaphysical love story

More in-depth details accompany the titles on the booksellers’ websites.
Thanks for stopping in. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel moved to do so for any reason.  Email: (or)
Lesta Bertoia

And here is my Artist’s Statement:
I was exposed to art and nature during my early years, my very creative parents having loved both, but I never took an art class beyond high school, and it wasn’t until my own children were grown that I finally tapped into a reservoir of expression, one that found its way out through many different media. I’ve worked with wood, stone, and fabric, loving what each suggests I can do with it. Having grown proficient with acrylics, I found myself good at portraiture, but I wondered if there wasn’t a way to allow the paint to suggest what a painting was about. Now many of my artworks are the result of washing colors onto the canvas, moving the paint around at random with a brush or rag, and then looking for what’s hidden. I get out of the way, devoid of intention, and become receptive to whatever wants to become visible. Often this has resulted in people responding to a particular piece as if it were meant as a personal message. Sometimes they find a resonance with some unspoken emotion, some poetic understanding, or some inexplicable spiritual experience. What I love best about being an artist is that the beauty I see and feel around me can be translated into something that others can take home with them. I imagine the joy of discovery that I’ve felt during the process of creation radiating into those homes, and I feel I’m serving my purpose!

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