Artist’s Statement

I was exposed to art and nature during my early years, my very creative parents having loved both, but I never took an art class beyond high school, and it wasn’t until my own children were grown that I finally tapped into a reservoir of expression, one that found its way out through many different media. I’ve worked with wood, stone, and fabric, loving what each suggests I can do with it. Having grown proficient with acrylics, I found myself good at portraiture, but I wondered if there wasn’t a way to allow the paint to suggest what a painting was about. Now many of my artworks are the result of washing colors onto the canvas, moving the paint around at random with a brush or rag, and then looking for what’s hidden. I get out of the way, devoid of intention, and become receptive to whatever wants to become visible. Often this has resulted in people responding to a particular piece as if it were meant as a personal message. Sometimes they find a resonance with some unspoken emotion, some poetic understanding, or some inexplicable spiritual experience. What I love best about being an artist is that the beauty I see and feel around me can be translated into something that others can take home with them. I imagine the joy of discovery that I’ve felt during the process of creation radiating into those homes, and I feel I’m serving my purpose!

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